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About health hokkaido was established by a group of Japanese and Non-Japanese in order to militate some of the current gaps in health information and access in Hokkaido.

We are all aware of the debilitating effect of disease and the reasons for seeking care early but for people from other societies going to hospital can be especially daunting in Japan. In an attempt to remedy these problems, we provide a range of web-based health services. Even though many differences in culture, personal values and language are barriers to health care access in Japan, health hokkaido's services will increase your agency in medical encounters.

The capacity to express your symptoms, medical histories and to make informed choices about which health providers you want to to visit changes how you will experience illness in Hokkaido. A renewed ability to make specific choices allows you to renegotiate the medical setting and feel confident enough to visit a doctor even if you speak Japanese poorly.
Unfortunately, the doctor-patient relationship remains skewed, but rather than passively receiving care, we are able to take part in the medical process and more effectively express ourselves. For these reasons health hokkaido is a fundemental part of appropriate health care provision, health information and the well being of non-Japanese people in Hokkaido.

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